Sponsor Fact Forward!

A sponsorship with Fact Forward gives your company yearlong exposure to over 100,000 community leaders, businesses, and professionals across the state with sponsorship packages beginning at $1,000. 

Sponsorship Recognition and Levels

  $10,000  $5,000  $2,500  $1,000 
Logo on Fact Forward website. >50,000 professionals annually X X    
Premiere sponsor on monthly webinars. >1,000 attendees annually X X    
Logo in bi-weekly e-newsletter. >2,100 subscribers X X X  
Logo on significant publications. Distributed to >10,000 people annually X      
Logo in annual report. Distributed to Fact Forward partners and donors X X X X
Advertisement in annual conference program. Distributed to >350 attendees (ad size based on sponsorship level) X X X X
Logo placement for 10 special events. Guests include policymakers, VIPs and community members from across the state. X X    
Signage and exhibit space at annual Summer Institute conference. Reaching >350 professionals X X X  
Signage and exhibit space at annual Contraceptive Leadership Summit. Reaching >350 professionals X X X X

Want more information? Contact the Communications Department at 803-771-7700 or communications@factforward.org.

Our Funders

We are fortunate to have active partnerships with and funding from each of these agencies: