Reproductive Health Awareness Month

Each May, during Reproductive Health Awareness Month (formerly Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month), Fact Forward joins organizations across the country to raise awareness about the need for evidence-based reproductive health education. This year we've decided to engage adolescents directly and bring back Teen Expressions, a creative contest for teens to display their talents and have their voices heard on issues impacting them and their peers throughout the state.

Get creative. Be heard.

Teen Expressions 2021

Teen Expressions is an exciting way for teens to display their talents and have their voices heard on issues impacting them and their peers throughout the state. Designed solely for teens, this contest encourages young people to creatively express how they view reproductive health education.

Raise Awareness in Your Community.

Start the Conversation

Reproductive health is for everyone. Help raise awareness about reproductive health in South Carolina via social media with these shareables. Follow Fact Forward on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for likable, sharable graphics like these. Don't forget to use the hashtag #ReproductiveHealthAwarenessMonth in your posts! If you need higher resolutions of these images, email us

Social Media Posts

Use any of these posts to raise awareness with your followers!

  1. Talking with your child about reproductive health and dating will help them make better choices in relationships. Find out how: #ReproductiveHealthAwarenessMonth
  2. Did you know talking with teens about birth control makes them more likely to delay sex? Learn more: #ReproductiveHealthAwarenessMonth
  3. Don’t forget about the boys! Talk to your son about your family values related to sex and relationships. #ReproductiveHealthAwarenessMonth
  4. Empower your daughter. Talk to her about her personal value and birth control options. #ReproductiveHealthAwarenessMonth
  5. 49% of sexually active high school students in SC did NOT use a condom at last sex. This underscores the importance of comprehensive sexual health education that include instruction on proper use of condoms and contraception for sexually active teens. #ReproductiveHealthAwarenessMonth