Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Why does teen pregnancy matter?

Preventing teen pregnancy is one of the smartest investments we can make in our society. Every dollar we spend on prevention returns to us many times over in decreased public health spending and other costs, not to mention the personal gains from every child being allowed to grow, thrive, and reach their fullest potential. 

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Our Objectives

  • Reduce teen pregnancy rates
  • Increase use of contraceptives
  • Promote teen-friendly health care 
  • Improve communication skills

Better Access = Better Outcomes

We know what works.

Between 1991 and 2016, teen birth rates in South Carolina decreased by 70%, due to better education and access to contraceptives. In an effort to work towards further decreases in the teen birth rate, Fact Forward employs a variety of efforts including investing in communities, leading major programs, spreading awareness, and conducting research and evaluation.

Onsite Trainings

We offer onsite trainings for groups of ten or more people throughout the Southeast. All trainings are evidence-based and many meet the standards set forth by the CHEA (Comprehensive Health Education Act) for South Carolina. 

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Training Topics

  • How to talk to teens about sex
  • LGBTQ inclusivity
  • Contraception
  • STI Prevention

October is...

Let's Talk Month

Believe it or not, teens want to hear from their parents regarding love, sex, and relationships. Starting age-appropriate conversations early and into early adulthood will help young people make smarter decisions regarding their sexual health.