Sex Ed for All Month

Fact Forward is offering sponsorships to organizations and faith communities around the state to support reproductive health awareness and outreach activities during May 2022. Community Sponsorships support innovative events to engage your community by empowering young people to make healthy decisions, providing resources for parents/caring adults, youth-serving professionals, faith, and other community leaders, educating them about the importance of quality evidence-based approaches to teen pregnancy prevention. 

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Each May, during Sex Ed for All Month and National Adolescent Health Month, Fact Forward joins organizations across the country to raise awareness about the need for evidence-based reproductive health education. This year we've decided to engage adolescents directly and bring back. Teen Expressions, a creative contest for teens to display their talents and have their voices heard on issues impacting them and their peers throughout the state. We look forward to sharing their work with you May 2022.

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We've also created a social media toolkit to make sharing Sex Ed for All information as easy as possible. You can download and view the toolkit below. 

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Reproductive health is for everyone. Help raise awareness about reproductive health in South Carolina via social media with these shareables. Follow Fact Forward on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for likable, sharable graphics like these. Don't forget to use the hashtag #SexEdForAll and #HealthyYouthNAHM in your posts! If you need higher resolutions of these images, email us

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  1. Every young person deserves inclusive, evidence-based sex ed at school. How can educators ensure their students are prepared? Find tips here: #SexEdForAll #HealthyYouthNAHM

  2. Healthcare providers can help reduce teen pregnancy rates by making their clinics teen friendly. This includes providing adolescent patients with confident, private, respectful, and culturally competent services. #SexEdForAll #HealthyYouthNAHM

  3. Parents and trusted adults, confused about what reproductive health information is appropriate for the youth in your life? This Tips for Parents brochure will help you out. You can view it here: #SexEdForAll #HealthyYouthNAHM

  4. Only 18 states require sex ed programs to be medically accurate. Most programs aren’t centered around queer people, consent, or cultural competence. How can you make sure you’re up to date on #reproductivehealth? Access free resources: #SexEdForAll #HealthyYouthNAHM

  5. Do you know the facts about your community? You can view South Carolina county specific information regarding teen pregnancy rates here: #SexEdForAll #HealthyYouthNAHM

  6. Do you know the facts about your community? You can view South Carolina county specific information regarding STI/STD rates here: #SexEdForAll #HealthyYouthNAHM

  7. Looking for a fun way to gauge what the youth you work with know regarding #reproductivehealth? Here’s a free sex education bingo card that will make finding out simple and interactive! #SexEdForAll #HealthyYouthNAHM