Youth Summit

Influence For Good 2024 is all about you! 

It's a laid-back conference aimed at giving you the information, tools, and support to make smart choices about your body, mind, and feelings. We're here to help you prepare for those decisions by promoting habits that keep you happy and healthy. Trusted adults, we didn't forget about you too! We have information and resources to help you navigate those teen years as well!

What can participants expect? 

  1. To have FUN! 
  2. To make new friends! 
  3. A supportive and inclusive environment that encourages open dialogue about reproductive health, digital communication, financial literacy, and mental health. 
  4. Workshops, interactive activities, and resources aimed to influence healthy choices, building resilience, and fostering healthy relationships. 
  5. Access to resources, services, and organizations that support adolescent health and well-being.

Register by Friday, June 7, 2024 to be eligible for the $500 drawing.

$1,000 in prizes will be given away!

Date: June 26, 2024 
Time: 9am-2pm 
Location: 763 Fashion Dr, Columbia, SC 29229 

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Influence for Good 2024 Agenda

8:30 AM: Registration
Begin your day by checking in at the registration desk.
9:00 AM: Welcome
Opening remarks and an overview of the day's events.
9:10 AM: Opening Presenter – "The Power of Being Young"
Explore the unique strengths and potentials of youth in driving change.
9:30 AM: Breakout Instructions
Briefing on how to navigate through the breakout sessions.
9:35 AM: Transition Time
Take a moment to move to your first session.
9:45 AM: Breakout Session 1

  • Mental Health
  • Communication
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Reproductive Health Education
  • Financial Literacy

10:40 AM: Transition Time
Prepare to switch to your next session.
10:50 AM: Breakout Session 2
Repeat of the first session topics to provide another chance to attend a different topic.
11:55 AM: Exhibitors, Lunch, Networking, and Games
Enjoy lunch while networking with peers, exploring exhibitor booths, and participating in interactive games.
1:05 PM: Unfiltered: Ask the Experts
A panel discussion with experts answering pre-submitted and live questions.
1:35 PM: Evaluations, Student Raffles, and Closing
Provide feedback, win prizes in the raffle, and wrap up the sessions.
1:55 PM: Cool Closure with Pelican Treats
End the day with some special treats and a cool surprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What grade level is this event for?

 This event has been designed for middle and high school students. Participants will attend sessions with peers of the same level. 

Will meals be provided?

Yes. Lunch will be provided by Chick-Fil-A. Please indicate dietary needs during registration. 

Will youth and adults attend the session together?

No. Adults will have an agenda specifically designed for them. 

Can participants choose which sessions to attend?


Where can I find the content being discussed?

The agenda can be found on this page. We’ve also included an acknowledgment statement at the end of your registration explaining that sensitive topics may be discussed at the summit. 

Do participants have to stay the entire time?

We would love for youth to attend the entire time! However, if you need to leave early, that is fine. Sign out at the registration desk.

Is there a dress code for this event?

No. However, any attire deemed offensive, racist, or explicit will result in refusal of admittance. We value diversity and promote an environment of mutual respect. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Can I bring my phone/camera to the summit?

Recording and photography during the event are permitted for personal use and sharing, but we kindly ask all attendees to respect the privacy of fellow participants. Please refrain from capturing images or videos of individuals without their consent. Let's ensure everyone feels comfortable and respected throughout the event. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

What should I do if I have special dietary needs or allergies?

Please indicate your dietary needs on your registration form. 

How can I get involved in planning future Teen Events?

Email Denise Marcano at