Congratulations to the Teen Expressions 2021 Contest Winners!

Fact Forward challenged teens to display their talents and have their voices heard on issues that impact them. The Teen Expressions contest was created solely for teens to creatively express how they view reproductive health. Meet the 2021 winners!

Shaliya Seawright - First Place

Shaliya is a 14 year old who has always been interested in art, but didn't take it seriously until 6th grade. She likes to create memories with her family and friends and create art. She credits her art teacher with encouraging her to showcase her skills. Her future goals are to become a successful doctor or entrepreneur.

About Shaliya's winning piece below: "My artwork is about a 16 year old girl that just found out she's pregnant. She starts to imagine herself with a child. Then everyone around her starts to judge and question her health. The 16 year old starts to question whether she'll be okay, if an abortion is okay, and/or if she'll be able to support herself and a child."


Riley Glenn - Second Place

Riley is an 8th grade honor student at William J. Clark Middle School. In her spare time, she enjoys creating homemade hair products, drawing, and watching Netflix. She aspires to one day become a Cosmetic Chemist and create her own line of hair and skincare products. 

About Riley's winning piece below: "My artwork is a picture of me in my cap and gown looking into my future and showing things you could be doing instead of having sex. I have my ID for my dream job, a canvas with a sunset, some books, and Netflix on a TV. My cap and gown are yellow and blue and I have glasses on. The words on my paper are an orange-yellow and they are bold print."