Meet Our Intern - Zhara Gregg

Meet our intern, Zhara Gregg!

What school are you attending?

Claflin University

What are you studying?

Early Childhood Education

What are your career goals?

My short-term career goal is to work in a school for 3-5 years. My long-term career goal is to open my own Early Childhood Academy that fosters brain stimulation at a young age.

How does Fact Forward’s work support your future goals?

I personally feel as though if I can talk about sexual and reproductive health in front of my peers, then it will be easy for me to teach my curriculum to my students. I am hoping that Fact Forward will improve my Public Speaking.

What do you want to gain from your internship with Fact Forward?

I want to gain knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, and I also want to gain the skills to be able to help the public learn about sexual and reproductive health. 

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to hang out with my friends so I can get some good laughs in, try new foods, and go to explore new places.

Why do you feel adolescent reproductive health is crucial to the health of young people?

Adolescent reproductive health is crucial to the health of young people because it is so many myths that go around and so many young people go without knowing the facts. It is also very important that they know the what is right and what is wrong so that they don’t end up in a situation that could have been avoided.