September is Sexual Health Awareness Month!

Authored by Susan Locke, Fact Forward Partner Engagement Associate

This month Fact Forward is celebrating Sexual Health Awareness Month. When we talk about “sexual health” we’re talking about a broad spectrum of topics that all tie into a person’s overall health and well-being. Sexual health includes everything from safe sex, contraception, masturbation, and sexual pleasure, to healthy relationships, consent, and the importance of good communication skills. While many of these topics have become much more accepted and openly talked about, there are still many gaps in information and access for many people, especially adolescents.  

Popular mediums like TikTok and the internet in general make information far more accessible to youth than ever before. That includes information on sexual health. As trusted adults, it is our job to make sure that the youth in our lives not only have access to correct information on sexual health, but that they know how to find it. We want youth to have trusted adults in their lives that can answer their questions, so that they don’t have to resort to the internet to find answers. While the information might be easy to find on the internet, we know that what they find might not be accurate. That is why Sexual Health Awareness Month is so important. It gives us an excuse to bring up these topics with the young people in our lives. It can be weird and uncomfortable to start that conversation, but it’s an important conversation to have.  

Throughout the rest of September (and beyond), please join us as we share helpful information on adolescent sexual health and how to talk to the young people in your life. We know that talking about sexual health with your young people can be a difficult conversation. Check out our website for tips on how to have those conversations. You can start anywhere! The important thing is that you start.