Sex Ed for All + NAHM Toolkit

May is Sex Ed for All Month and National Adolescent Health Month.

In this toolkit, we’ve provided posts and graphics you can use to highlight these important topics on your social media channels!

About Sex Ed for All Month

Too many young people fail to receive the sexual health information, education, and access to the care they need to live healthy lives—often based on who they are and where they live. Since 2019, May has been recognized as Sex Ed for All Month. Sex Ed For All Month is an opportunity to raise awareness and call for real investment in sex education in schools and communities across the country.

About National Adolescent Health Month

National Adolescent Health Month™ (NAHM) emphasizes the importance of adolescent health and well-being, including sexual and reproductive health, mental health, community support, and the role of caring adults.  An investment in adolescent health and well-being generates a triple benefit for society: health for young people today, a healthy adult life, and better health for the next generation.

Social Posts

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May is National Adolescent Health MonthMay is Sex Ed for All Month

May is National Adolescent Health Month! 🎉 A core focus of this year's campaign is expanding sexual and reproductive health information and services for young people. Parents, caregivers, and youth-serving professionals all play a crucial role in helping adolescents make informed decisions about their sexual health. Check out Fact Forward's handy guides for tips and scripts, and if you'd like to support this important work with a small donation, you can text Fact Forward at 803-879-2660.  #NationalAdolescentHealthMonth

Prioritize mental health during National Adolescent Health Month! 💚 The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of supporting young people's mental well-being. As adults, we can encourage self-care practices that help adolescents manage stress and regulate their emotions. Teens watch what we do, so take time to rest, meditate, exercise, and avoid negative self-talk around the teens you love. Tell us how you model good mental health for your teen! #NationalAdolescentHealthMonth

Join us in celebrating Sex Ed for All Month this May! ALL young people deserve access to comprehensive, medically accurate, and inclusive sex education, regardless of their identity or where they live. Fact Forward is always working to ensure equitable and accessible sex education. You can help—donate to Fact Forward via text at 803-879-2660. #SexEdForAllMonth #EquityAndAccess

Communities play a vital role in advancing adolescent health! 🌟 During National Adolescent Health Month, we'd like to thank our teachers, coaches, and other youth-serving professionals. These trusted adults support our kids by modeling good behavior and providing space for teens to discover their skills and abilities. How do you support the young people in your community? #NationalAdolescentHealthMonth

As we celebrate Sex Ed for All Month, let's prioritize equity and access for ALL young people, especially those who face additional barriers, such as youth of color, LGBTQIA+ young people, rural youth, those with disabilities, and systems-involved youth. Together, we can ensure that sex education is inclusive and culturally competent, meeting the unique needs of all young people. Want to help? You can donate to Fact Forward via text at 803-879-2660. #SexEdForAllMonth #EquityAndInclusion

All adults have a role to play in supporting adolescent health! During National Adolescent Health Month, we recognize that positive connections with adults can protect young people from many risk behaviors and negative health outcomes. These connections are crucial as they develop and transition to young adulthood. Tell us about a time that a caring adult made a difference in your young life, whether it was a teacher, a neighbor, or a stranger! #NationalAdolescentHealthMonth