Call for Proposals- Summer Institute

Submission Details

Deadline for Submission - Now Closed

Information to consider before submitting your application(s),

All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the Summer Institute Conference Committee. Proposals that best relate to the conference objectives and topic areas will be selected using the following criteria:

Please ensure your submission meets the following criteria to be considered for the conference:

1. Relevant Topics: Your submission must address topics related to adolescent reproductive and sexual health. Ensure your proposal strongly connects to these themes and highlights their significance in the context of current challenges and advancements.

2. Innovative Approach: Preference will be given to proposals that introduce innovative and forward-thinking perspectives. Whether through novel research findings, cutting-edge methodologies, or creative teaching strategies, proposals should strive to bring fresh and impactful elements to the conference. 

3. Practical Application: Successful proposals should explore theoretical concepts and emphasize practical application. Attendees should gain insights, tools, or strategies that they can implement in their professional practices or community engagement efforts.

4. Audience Engagement: Your proposal should include interactive elements and engagement strategies to ensure participants actively participate in learning. This may consist of audience discussions, hands-on activities, or collaborative sessions.

5. Clarity and Coherence: Ensure your proposal is well-organized, with a clear structure and coherence in presenting ideas. A concise and compelling narrative will enhance the chances of being selected, as it facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the proposed session. Clearly define specific, measurable, and attainable learning objectives that align with the conference's overall goals, demonstrating a strategic approach to knowledge dissemination.

6. Demonstrated Expertise: Submissions should showcase the presenters' expertise in the chosen topic areas. This may include relevant qualifications, experience, or a track record of contributions to the field.

7. Timely Submission: Proposals submitted by the designated deadline will be favored, indicating the presenters' commitment and allowing for a thorough review and potential collaboration to enhance the overall quality of the conference program.

You must identify the lead presenter if the presentation has more than one presenter. All correspondence for your presentation (if chosen) will be communicated to the lead presenter. It is the lead presenter's responsibility to disseminate information to any co-presenters.

All proposals will be accepted/declined by the end of February 2024. Acceptance of a proposal is based on the content and the presenters named at the time of submission. Any changes to content or speakers must be conveyed to in advance. Fact Forward reserves the right to reassess the suitability if changes are made.  

All presenters must register at the discounted rate of $250.

  • Presenters are responsible for their own travel, accommodations, parking, handouts, and other costs.

Other information to consider before submitting your application(s)

  • All proposals will be considered
  • If you submit multiple presentations or a part one/part two, the lead presenter must make separate submissions for each of the two workshops.
  • Presenters may not sell any products or services during their presentation. Presentations should have an educational goal and should not include any promotional or marketing material. Don't hesitate to contact Fact Forward for vendor/exhibitor information if you are interested in product sales.  
  • Use brevity in submitting your proposal; presenters must prepare for approximately 45 participants per workshop.

Submit your proposal and make a difference.