Carol Singletary Community Impact Award

About the Award

The inaugural Carol Singletary Community Impact Award was given in 2022. This award recognizes an individual or group who has demonstrated a commitment to mobilizing their community to improve the lives of young people in South Carolina.  

To qualify for the award, nominees must be a resident(s) of South Carolina and must be recognized and known for exhibiting characteristics exemplified by Carol Singletary: These include:  

  • A champion for all youth, especially those marginalized by racism and other forms of discrimination; 
  • An organizer who strives for cross-sector collaboration to address the social determinants of health that impact the well-being of youth, families, and communities; 
  • Devotion to teaching youth the importance of making a difference in their community through social action;  AND 
  • Remain steadfast in the pursuit of justice and equality for all people through advocacy and empowerment of individuals and communities.  

 Award Winners


The Coalition for Family Enrichment in Marlboro County
From left: Ms. Jeretta Kinney, Carol Singletary, Dr. Gwen Dixon-Coe, Ms. Patricia Broughton, Ms. Linda Sanders.





Rev. Ellis White, Jr. 
Edisto Fork United Methodist Church in Orangeburg County