Annual Report

Letter from CEO Beth De Santis

2019 was a significant year for us – not only did we continue to make great strides in the field of adolescent reproductive health, but we also expanded our work to address more than teen pregnancy. 2019 marks the year we changed our name from the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy to Fact Forward. Our years as the SC Campaign built a crucial foundation, and we didn’t take this rebrand lightly. Ultimately, the shift to Fact Forward was an acknowledgment that as an adolescent reproductive health organization, we’ve been focusing on more than teen pregnancy for years. This new name allows us to reach out to more professionals, more organizations, and more systems – inevitably expanding our work. We’re excited to have you, a dedicated supporter, along with us for the journey. 

The Annual Report provides an opportunity to reflect on this past year’s successes. The work we did in 2019 contributed to the overall health of our state, and we will continue to find creative ways to make an even greater impact in years to come. Though South Carolina’s teen birth rate has decreased by 70% since peaking in 1991, a slight 1% increase from 2017 to 2018, and top 10 national rankings for rates of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, reflects the need to be proactive about educating adolescents on healthy and safe relationships. We are committed to lead with the facts and educate youth-serving professionals on how to facilitate age-appropriate and medically accurate conversations with adolescents across our state and beyond.

It has been and always will be the collective efforts of partners, advocates, and stakeholders that advance adolescent reproductive health. We will continue our leadership role with this support moving forward. Though our name has changed, we remain dedicated to working with our partners to promote evidence-based strategies for adolescent reproductive health.

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