Annual Report

Letter from CEO Beth De Santis

For 26 years the goal of this organization has been to advocate for adolescent reproductive health. Whether you best know us as Fact Forward, the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, or the South Carolina Council on Adolescent Pregnancy, since the beginning our main purpose has been to improve the health and economic well-being of young people and communities.

2020 made our mission more interesting than ever as the pandemic compounded persistent challenges. Even as the grip of COVID-19 eases, the people and communities we work with continue to deal with its lasting effects. How do educators persevere after a year of disarray? How do trusted adults communicate with young people after a pandemic? How do healthcare providers continue effective telehealth appointments?

We may not have all these answers, but Fact Forward is committed to continuing to support and work with educators, parents, healthcare providers, and all youth-serving professionals as we navigate a new normal. Fact Forward will remain focused on providing resources, training, and space for these individuals to learn and grow.

Our hope is that through the 2020 annual report, supporters like you can feel our commitment to helping young people and their communities thrive. We know that adolescent reproductive health is just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to having healthy communities, but we believe that it’s a crucial one.

It has been and always will be the collective efforts of partners, advocates, and stakeholders that advance adolescent reproductive health. For Fact Forward, this is a cornerstone of what we do. We look forward to another year of advancing adolescent reproductive health, together.

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