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Advancing Reproductive Health

Healthcare providers are in a unique position to offer accurate, timely information to vulnerable adolescents in a confidential setting. Research shows that teens value the time you spend with them and the unique counsel you offer. 

Teens are more likely to consider more effective methods of birth control, like long acting reversible contraception, when they have evidence-based information that comes from an authority figure, like you. In addition, minor changes to your office environment, such as signs that stress doctor/patient confidentiality, can have an disproportionately large effect on younger patients. 

Contact us to find out what steps you can take today to see a noticeable improvement in health outcomes tomorrow. 

We can help you get the facts on:

  • Creating a teen-friendly healthcare environment
  • Trauma-informed services
  • LGBTQ inclusivity
  • Addressing sexual abuse
  • Nonjudgmental communication
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Quality improvement basics

Collaborative for Reproductive Education and Wellness

Join the CREW

CREW is a learning collaborative where healthcare providers from around the state band together to find practical, data-driven solutions that will help improve clinical outcomes for at-risk teens.

Collaborative for Reproductive Education and Wellness

Popular Trainings for Healthcare Workers

We offer on-site, evidence-based trainings. Use one of our off-the-shelf trainings or allow us to customize one for your group and your objectives. See all trainings

Contraceptive Choice Counseling

Research shows that when overloaded with information, patients, especially teens, may use poor strategies to make decisions. A direct approach of talking to the adolescent patient has been shown to work better than other methods that provide too little or too much information.

Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare Professionals

Motivational interviewing techniques support autonomy and allow young people to take charge of their own health and well-being by collaborating with their health care provider to find the best solution.

Teen Friendliness 101

Making your environment and techniques more teen-friendly can help decrease no-shows, improve outcomes, and create a welcoming environment where teens feel comfortable asking difficult questions.

Program Planning and Implementation

Our program implementation specialists can help you set up a new program or determine how an existing program needs to evolve. We have helped groups all over the Southeast create better, more accountable programs that get results.

Program Implementation

Fact Forward understands that interventions must recognize and address the myriad barriers present for adolescents interested in obtaining contraception.