Major Initiatives

Let's Talk Month - October

Every October, Fact Forward participates in Let’s Talk Month, a public awareness campaign that encourages open communication between young people and their parents or other trusted adults.

Let's Talk Month

Sex Ed for All Month - May

Each May, during Sex Ed for All Month (also known as National Adolescent Health Month), Fact Forward joins organizations across the country to raise awareness about the need for comprehensive sexual health education.

Sex Ed for all Month

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month - February 

A new initiative of Fact Forward's, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about healthy romantic and platonic friendships among adolescents, consent, and boundaries. 

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month 

Not Right Now

The NOT RIGHT NOW campaign urges teens to think about the consequences before they have sex, make a plan for sexual health, and speak up for themselves. NOT RIGHT NOW can mean many different things: “I don’t want to have sex now,” or “Not tonight; we don’t have protection.” It can also mean, “I don’t want to have another child right now,” for teen parents who want to avoid getting pregnant again.

Not Right Now


In 2019, we distributed $1,662,397 to 65 organizations in 20 South Carolina counties reaching 29,510 youth with educational programs and health services.